RdX Reports

In-depth, invaluable readings by board-certified OMRs.

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RdX can reveal a wealth of diagnostic information in your patients' CT/CBCT


Painstakingly detailed

Our board-certified OMRs carefully go over your scans slice-by-slice to extract valuable clinical information and present you with comprehensive, clear radiology reports.

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Invaluable insights

Your CT/CBCT scans contain a lot of data and can be overwhelming to examine. Get all the relevant information extracted and presented in one easy to read RdX Report.

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Customize at no extra cost

We cover a broad range of CT/CBCT examinations from pathology and implants to sinus, TMJ, and airway. Include as many as you like in a report without any additional fees.

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Maximum Clinical Value

Your patients' s scans hold a lot of information that our OMRs can extract to help you make more informed decisions.

All In The Details

We meticulously examine each slice of every scan to provide detailed descriptions of areas of interest.


All ITX RdX Reports are interpreted and signed by experienced, board-certified OMRs.

This is a testimonial from a happy reports client

Dr. Happy Smith

New York

This is another testimonial from another happy reports client

Dr. Happy Smith

New York

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