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Your one-stop-shop to surgical guide design and fabrication

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Professionally planned by dentists & meticulously designed by engineers


Especially designed for you

Just like each patient is different, we understand that you also have different needs. Whether you plan your own implants, use TxPlan, or even print your own guides, we have options for you.


Precise drilling & placement

Perform your osteotomies exactly as planned from positioning and angulation to depth-control. Place your implants through the guide when using supported kits for increased placement accuracy.


Your implants, your kit, your choice

ITX Guides offer compatibility with all major implant systems and guided surgery kits. Achieve optimal results with the implants and drills you feel most confident with.

Predictable Surgery

Pre-visualize your patients' anatomy and go into the operatory prepared for surgery with no guesswork.

Freedom of Choice

Whether you plan your implants, 3D print your guides or do none of that, we can accelerate your workflow.

Universal Compatibility

Use the implants, kits, CBCT and intra-oral scanners you like with and make no compromises.

This is a testimonial about how ITX Guides make life better.

Joshua Home

New York

More about how ITX Guides are making lives awesome.

Joshua Home

New York

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