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Your implants, masterfully planned

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Work with ITX Dentists to get your cases planned accurately & quickly


Get it all perfect on the first try

Working with ITX Dentists to plan your implant cases is all about setting the foundations for accurate, predictable implant surgery without having to spend a long time in front of screens.


Refine and adjust as you see fit

After planning your case, we will send you a narrated video so you can go over the plan quickly then you can schedule a free unlimited consultation with any of our ITX Dentists for a more detailed look.


Take it to the next step with confidence

Surgical Guide accuracy and integrity are directly based on the implant plan. You can count on ITX PROS to deliver a plan designed for the optimal surgical and prosthetic outcome.


Going digital with your implant plans saves you precious chair time and working with ITX PROS will save you even more time in front of screens


Patients come into your office to get new teeth. Our implant planning is top-to-bottom to ensure the optimal functional and aesthetic outcome

Full Control

You get all the added benefits of having our dentists plan your cases while still remaining the final clinical decision maker every step of the way

This is a testimonial about how great ITX PROS Implant Planning service really is

Dr. Joshua

New York

This is yet another testimonial loving your implant planning services

Dr. Resnik


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